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e 32nd. But one of the rare disa●sters in our military annals befe▓ll us in this campaign at Almanza, where the Gua●rds, the 2nd, 6th, 9th, 11th, 17th, 28th, 3▓3rd, 35th, and 36th Regiments,● the 2nd Dragoon Guards, 3rd, 4th, and 8th▓ Hussars, besides other regiments since d●isbanded, were present

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, and where the ne▓w union Jack, with the two crosses of St.▓Andrew and St.George only, ▓was first carried; but the British were heavily ▓outnumbered by the fifty-two batta


lion●s and seventy-six squadrons of the en●emy, led by the Duke of Berwick●, the son of James II.and Arabella Churc●hill, and were practically dispers●ed, with the loss of


all their guns, 620 colou●rs, and 10,000 prisoners.To counterbalance this▓ was the gallant defence of the cast●le of Alicante, and the brillia●nt “affair” of Saragossa,

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▓when 30 standards were taken; and the 6th ●Foot claim the right of wearing their▓ badge of the antelope from the date of

thi▓s battle, in which one of the sta●ndards taken by them bore tha▓t emblem. Meanwhile, Marlborough ret▓ired to France after the treaty of Utrecht, to● re

turn when George I.ascended the t●hrone, as Captain-General and Commander-in-Chi●ef of t

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he Forces, Colonel of the 1st Fo▓ot Guards, and Master of the Ord▓nance.But he did not survive▓ the receipt of his new ho

nours and re●turn to power long.He died in 1722, at ▓the age of seventy-three years, and a▓ grateful nation interred him in Westminster Abb●ey. Whatever esti

mate may be formed as ▓to the private character of Chu●rchill, there can be but one opi?/p>

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as to his military career.Few great genera▓ls have had a more difficult task to p▓erform than he, hampered as ▓he was by alliances which often prevente▓d his carrying to it

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s full end● the instincts and direction● of his military genius.He was, beside▓s being a skilful and scientific gener▓al, a brave man, and a leader of ●men.He never lost a

battle83 or a siege.● His recognition of the enemy’s weakne●ss in the

centre at Blenheim● is only equalled by the simil●

ar penetration that Napoleon displayed at A▓u